Thomas Bartlett

Thomas, born in 1914, is a grandson of Mary Anne Hawkless and James Bartlett, who migrated to Australia in 1861 on board Lincolnshire. Thomas' mother was the second wife of Henry (Thomas) Bartlett; she was born in 1863 and her name was Lillias Watts.

As at April 2005, Tom is over 90 years of age and lives in Port Fairy. His photograph and home are shown below. This page represents the beginning of stories and information relating to this line of the family tree. 

See Victoria Trip - 23 April to 7 May 2005 (Margot and Pamela Hawkless).

Thomas, April 2005

Tom Bartlett-Apr05.jpg (50851 bytes)

Port Fairy home, March 2005 - Tom pictured with Karl Hawkless from Gympie, Qld.

Tom Bartlett home Port Fairy.jpg (53764 bytes)