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John Hawkless
Mary Ann Hawkless

Mary Ann Wraight

First of Thomas Hawkless' three wives
Born in 1802 in Faversham, Kent, England
Married Thomas in 1819 in Preston (near Faversham)
Died in 1835, six years after Thomas' transportation
Three of Mary Ann's children ended up in the Faversham work house

Thomas and Mary Ann married in 1819.  They had four children prior to Thomas' conviction and transportation to Australia in 1829.

Margaret was born in 1820 at Luddenham, Kent and died of consumption in 1841 at West Street, Faversham - at the home of the Pordage family.

John was born in 1821 in Faversham.  He migrated to Australia aboard the Florentia in August 1842 and died in Mirboo North, Victoria on 7 May 1891. Many of John's descendants remain in Victoria and three children migrated to New Zealand and began the descendancy line there.

Thomas was born in 1823 at Davington, Kent and drowned at Portsmouth in August 1839 whilst a soldier with the 82nd Regiment of Foot (now part of Lancashire Regiment).

Mary Ann was born in 1825 at Ospringe, Kent.  She married James Bartlett on 10 March 1844 (the marriage certificate lists her as Mary Ann Awkley).  James and Mary Ann migrated to Australia with their children aboard Lincolnshire in 1861.  Many of Mary Ann's descendants still live in the St Helens, Yambuk, Mirboo areas of Victoria. For details of this part of Australia see Port Fairy Historical Society and Port Fairy touring guide and a similar one on Warrnambool.

Of these four children, John was the first to migrate to Australia - aboard the Florentia - arriving in Port Jackson on 13 August 1842.  It is not known how long he spent in Sydney, but some time after, travelled to the Port Fairy (Belfast) area where he settled.

The youngest daughter, Mary Ann, her husband James Bartlett and their children emigrated to Australia in 1861 aboard the Lincolnshire and settled in the Port Fairy (Belfast) district.  They had several more children in the colony and an insight into their lives is described in Pamela Mariott's book A Shamrock beneath the Southern Cross which can be purchased through the Port Fairy Historical Society.

Mary Ann Bartlett died in 1883 aged 58 and is buried in Yambuk Cemetery, Victoria.


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