Photographs (just some) captured 19 April 2005
but not yet identified - several are on tinplate

The photos on this page were taken by Margot Hawkless and Norm Stevens from an old photo album dating from mid-late 1800s and owned by a Hawkless descendant who lives in North Ryde, Sydney. Sincere thanks to Shirley and Ray for the opportunity to view some wonderful family memorabilia. We hope to return with better camera equipment and capture them again.

The first two shown below are special as they are almost certainly Thomas Hawkless and his wife Elizabeth Sloane. They are at the top of the first page - side by side - of the album which belonged to Charles Hawkless, youngest son of Thomas and Eliza.

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There are many other photos - shown below and as yet unidentified - but assumed to be children, in-laws? of Thomas and Eliza. There are many girls and it is likely that the two girls pictured in the following row (centre) and dressed totally alike are the twins Sara and Emily, born 23 June 1865.

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The picture to the left is thought to be that of Annie Hawkless, her husband William Woodcock and her first four children. A later photo of Annie and William is shown on the front page of this website.

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We know that the bride to the left is Ethel Hawkless, eldest daughter of Robert Hawkless and his wife Marian Drummond (1902)

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