Pam and Margot go back to Victoria - October 2008

Pam and I took another trip to Port Fairy and Warrnambool from 4-11 October 2008. We flew to Melbourne this time, spent the first night with my youngest son Gareth and his partner Lauren, then hired a car and drove to Port Fairy on the Sunday afternoon. Our base for the week was again the East Beach apartments, very comfortable, self-contained, two bedroom units with a kitchen. We had more time to browse than we did in 2005 and coming just six weeks after our mother, Renie, died at 94, it was a peaceful and serene holiday for both of us. Although cool, overcast and with light rain, the weather was reasonably kind to us. We browsed the shops and purchased a few mementoes of our trip. I have lovely twin photographs of the ship "Duyfken" tied up in Port Fairy - in a single frame, side by side, from an identical position - one in daylight, the other on a misty night. The photographs were taken by Jenny Harris.

The highlight was on our second to last day when, in the company of Tom and Dorrie, we drove to Port Campbell and visited several spots along the Great Ocean Road. The weather was quite superb and so much better than the two days we spent there in 2005. An interesting sidelight was being breath-tested on the road by the Victorian Police! Below are a few snaps to give you an idea of how wonderful the ocean looked. Tom was again in great spirits (now 94) and he and Dorrie are looking forward to a cruise later in the year.

We also had a quick cuppa during the week with Tom's son Don, and his wife Yvonne, at their home at Tower Hill.

Have also added a memento of a VERY special (record-breaking) event while we were in Victoria - Our families' Rugby League team, Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles, played Melbourne Storm in the grand final on Sunday 5 October. 

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Great Ocean Road, near Port Campbell Tom talking with German tourists
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Pam with our "themed" tour guide (Barbara) at Flagstaff Hill in Warrnambool. We had interesting discussions with an informative volunteer at the historical museum at Flagstaff Hill. Margot and Tom (I need glasses some of the time but Tom, not at all!)
PA050080.JPG (655512 bytes) Up the mighty Sea Eagles! My son, Gareth and partner Lauren, live in Mill Park, a north-eastern suburb of Melbourne. As Pam and I were leaving their townhouse, they were gearing up to support "our" team on Rugby League Grand Final day - 5 October 2008. (Manly-Warringah - a northern Sydney beachside team)

Although Pam and I arrived in Port Fairy in time to see most of the match, we missed the celebrations and presentations after the match as the Victorian television broadcast was cut off as soon Melbourne Storm had been defeated 40 - 0 (a record).

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