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Frederick Charles

Frederick Charles4 Hawkless (Charles Hawkless3, Thomas Hawkless2, John Hawkley1) was born in 1887 and died in 1914 aged 27. He married Rebecca B C Dean. Frederick and Rebecca had the following children:

  Linda Ruby Hawkless b: 1907, Hunters Hill, NSW
  Stella E Hawkless b: 1908, Hunters Hill, and died in 1909, Hunters Hill 
  Harold C Hawkless b: 1910, Newcastle, NSW (photos below)
  Roy G Hawkless b: 1911, Newcastle, died in 1912, Newcastle
  Leah E Hawkless b: 1912, Newcastle, died in 1912, Newcastle

Frederick died at age 27 and of the five children, only Linda and Harold survived to adulthood. Stella died at two months of age and is buried with her grandmother Elizabeth Sloane at Field of Mars Cemetery, Ryde. Harold is the father of John Hawkless who is listed on the Contacts page. John provided the photographs below of Frederick.  

Frederick Charles Hawkless 1887-1914 (uniform not yet positively identified - thought to be a militia pre-World War I)
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This is the gravesite at Field of Mars Cemetery, Ryde that contains the remains of Frederick Charles Hawkless - photo immediately above - who died aged 27 in 1914.

Frederick's father and mother, Charles and Sarah Ann and also his father's brother Arthur William Hawkless are also interred at this site.
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The seven photos here were provided by John Hawkless of Beecroft, son of Harold b.1910

“Doreen, Harold and Linda – Woy Woy 1933”.  My father Harold and Aunt Linda, with my mother Doreen at Woy Woy in 1933 (I don’t know who the boys are).

Doreen_Harold_and_Linda_-_Woy_Woy_1933.jpg (215227 bytes)

”Harold on his bike with dog”.
 My father Harold (in his teens I suspect)

Harold_on_his_bike_with_dog.jpg (227669 bytes)

My father Harold (even younger than in photo immediately above)

Harold.jpg (259849 bytes)

“Johnny boy, his Mummy and Ice-cream”
My mother and I somewhere in the City on a day out – I look to be around five years old (?) – if so, then around 1941.

Johnny_Boy_his_Mummy_and_Ice_Cream.jpg (127092 bytes)

“Nanna Bell”
Frederick Charles’ wife Rebecca (my grandmother) – mother of Harold, Linda, Stella, Roy and Leah

Nanna_Bell_Rebecca_Dean_Hawkless_Bell.jpg (229274 bytes)

“Tracey, Caroline and Dadda”
My father Harold with his grandchildren Tracey and Caroline around 1970.

Tracey_Caroline_and_Dada.jpg (632371 bytes)

“Big Day Out”. 
Harold, my mother and me in the city (around 1940).

Big_Day_Out.jpg (279970 bytes)