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Sidney George

Sidney George Hawkless 4, (Charles Hawkless3, Thomas Hawkless2, John Hawkley1) was born in 1896 and died in 1929. He married Lila Poulton and their children are Frederick Charles Hawkless - most likely named after Sidney's brother - and Eileen Florence - both of whom are still living as at September 2002. 

Eileen's son Norm Stevens has become an avid researcher into the Hawkless families - see the Contacts page for details. Norm provided the photos below of Sidney in 1914 (aged 18), 1915 and 1921.

Sidney George was affected by mustard gas during World War I and suffered ill health until his death at the early age of 33. 

This photograph of Sidney George was taken in 1914 in his Hunter's Hill Rugby jersey - aged 18
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Sidney_George_Hawkless_1914.jpg (42387 bytes)

Just one year later, in 1915, this photo of Sidney George in uniform prior to departure on the "SS Suevic" to the Dardanelles. Sidney's cousin Ernest was also aboard the Suevic as part of the 56th Batallion. 
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1921 - Sidney George with baby 
son Frederick. On Sidney's left is Ruby Hawkless, the other girl is as yet unidentified.
Update: The second picture was added in Jan 2008 and shows the same house in 2007. It was provided by the current owner.

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Sidney_George_baby_Fred_and_Ruby_1921.jpg (49075 bytes) 51 Ryde Road - 2007.jpg (113808 bytes)

This photograph of Sidney George's gravesite at the Field of Mars Cemetery, Ryde, NSW, was taken in April 2002.
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Thanks to the persistence and loving dedication from Sidney's great-nephew, Norm Stevens, and Sidney's son, Frederick Hawkless, the gravesite shows the work undertaken during April 2004 by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

Sidney George's grave as it appeared
on Anzac Day, 2004

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