Woodcock Ancestors

A work-in-progress page... BUT, an update January 2009 - John Knox, a descendant from Annie and William Woodcock has provided additional information which has been added to individuals - see Change Log for details.

Norm Stevens, from Blackbutt, Queensland, is continuing with his extensive and exhaustive research into our Hawkless links and in recent weeks (around 10 October 2002) has been in contact with a Woodcock descendant, Bronwyn. She  has provided Norm with some additional information about her ancestors - presenting another few pieces for our fascinating Hawkless puzzles.

Brothers John and William and their sister Sarah married into the Hawkless family; John Woodcock married Amy, and, on her death, married Amy's sister Maria Matilda. William Woodcock married Annie, sister of Amy and Maria Matilda. Sarah Woodcock married Charles Hawkless, brother of Amy, Maria and Annie. [Sarah was the great grandmother of Norm Stevens' and also John Hawkless - see Contacts].

The father of John, William and Sarah was Stephen Woodcock who was born in 1812 on St Martin's, Scilly Isles - located 28 miles south-west of Land's End, Cornwall, England.

Stephen married Jane Elizabeth Cummins in 1839 and their children were:

John, born January 1841
Jane born March 1846
(either William's twin, or an incorrect year shown)
William born March 1846
(either Jane's twin, or an incorrect year shown)
George born November 1849
Sarah born May 1854

All the children were born at St Mary's, Scilly Islands, Cornwall, England.

Stephen then showed up in Sydney in 1863 when he married Cecilia Morris (who was from County Clare, Ireland) on the 17 May 1863 at St Mary's Cathedral Sydney. He then had two more children Thomas born 11 January 1864 and Stephen born 1866. Both these sons were born at Ryde in NSW. It is not known at this stage what happened to Stephen's first wife or if all the children accompanied him to Australia.

Stephen's brother John, born 7 August 1817, also came to Australia as he died at Ryde NSW in 1873.

Stephen's occupation on his marriage certificate was a boatman but on his death certificate he is listed as a fruit grower. The Sydney Sands directory has Stephen first listed in 1875 as a wharfinger living at Ryde NSW, but in later years as a fruit grower.

Stephen Woodcock died on 17 May 1895 in Ryde.

There is a photograph of an original painting of the Woodcock family's fruit boat "The Amy" (c. 1890) and a photograph of members of the Woodcock family with another fruitboat "Surprise" (c.1888) located in the Ryde Library - refer to Woodcock photographs on the online library catalogue.

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