Change Log

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Date Change, location and links
12-Dec-09 Updated superseded links - Port Fairy Historical Society, Ryde Municipal Council Library, Commonwealth War Graves Commission.
1-Mar-09 Added information provided by John Knox who is a descendant of Annie and William Woodcock. Several pages from links on Annie Elizabeth's page including The Aunts, George Woodcock and also identification of the ladies in a photograph on Robert Hawkless' page - Lottie, Ada and Alma Woodcock. Also corrected children listing for Annie and William Woodcock as noted by John Knox (thanks John). Also did some updating to the Descendants page. Added John Knox to Contacts page.
30-Oct-08 Added page with photos and text on Pam and Margot's trip to Port Fairy and Warrnambool from 4-11 October 2008.
22-Jan-08 Added photograph alongside photograph of Sidney George with his infant son Frederick. The stone cottage as it is now - provided by the current owner.
19-Jan-08 Altered contact details for John Hawkless.
1-Sep-07 Altered contact details for John Hawkless.
Noted 18 April 2007 as date of death of Frederick Hawkless, son of Sidney George Hawkless and Lila Poulton on the "Descendants" listing.
27-Jan-07 Another new year and not much action here 2006 - will try to be more active in 2007!
Altered contact details for Dennis Daken in New Zealand
25-Sep-06 Altered contact details for Margot Hawkless.
6-Jan-06 HAPPY NEW YEAR! Altered contact details for Margot Hawkless; added information on regalia shown on Home page.
15-Oct-05 Brilliantly restored photograph of Thomas Hawkless (1799-1881) provided by Norm Stevens placed on home page.
19-Sep-05 Corrected names in Thomas Hawkless' page, Laurence Justinian O'Donnell and spelling of Evaline.
Added photographs (provided by John Hawkless of Beecroft, NSW) on Frederick Charles Hawkless' page.
29-May-05 Edited home page, added new page on Victorian trip taken by Pamela and Margot - including a few photos. Added photo of Sarah Dyson (from Dyson Genealogy). Added wedding photo of Charles Hawkless and Sara Woodcock. Updated email address for Anne and Tony Hawkless, Mirboo North.
21-Apr-05 Added page with unidentified photos - just some of those captured on 19 April 2005 in an old album in North Ryde.
20-Apr-05 Added Henry T Bartlett link accessed via Mary Ann Wraight home page with photos of Port Fairy born, bred grandson, Tom Bartlett.

Added newly-sourced photo of Annie Hawkless and William Woodcock and family - via children on Eliza Sloane home page.

20-Apr-05 Added photo on site home page of a person thought to be the convict, Thomas Hawkless - came to light 19-Apr-05. More will follow...
11-Mar-05 Removed temporary link to Darwin photos, updated the home page with a few editing changes.
5-Aug-04 Added temporary link to several photos from recent visit to Darwin - from Margot's aggravation with emailing jpeg files!
4-Jul-04 Added photograph of headstone from the gravesite of Violet Swann (Hawkless), her daughter Margaret and son-in-law Arthur Daken. Photos are courtesy of Violet's grandson Dennis Daken in New Zealand. See Contacts page.
3-Jul-04 Added photographs of the recently renovated gravesite of Sidney George Hawkless - just in time for Anzac Day. This commemorative honour was researched and organised by Sidney's great-nephew, Norm Stevens, and implemented through the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.
1-Jun-04 (corrected link to Rebecca May's memorial card on 6 June) Added photograph of Ernest Hawkless, 1919. Provided by Norm Stevens, Queensland. Added several photographs of Russell Hawkless and photos of brother and sister, Nellie and Arthur Hawkless. Added photos of Henry Robert (Harry) Hawkless and his wife Rene and also a photograph of a memorial card for Rebecca May Hawkless.
31-May-04 Photograph of Edward Arthur Swann's headstone. Dennis Daken, in New Zealand recently visited Fiji to trace his ancestors - this is his grandfather's gravesite, husband to Violet Hawkless.
3-Dec-03 Additional information on Russell Hawkless (Tuss), added marriage information to Descendants page on Russell's daughter's marriage to Ray Wells.
29-Oct-03 A link to a page of photographs taken at the Family Gathering on Monday 27 October 2003 at the Field of Mars and the North Ryde RSL.
25-Oct-03 Altered email address of John and Joyce Hawkless on Contacts page. Included notice on Home page of family gathering at Field of Mars on Monday 27 October 2003 at 10:30 am followed by lunch.
11-Jan-03 Added two photographs of Eliza Sloan's descendants at Field of Mars on the 100th anniversary of her death.
7-Dec-02 Added a page for Harold Norman Hawkless, born in 1890, son of Charles, a son of Eliza Sloan and Thomas Hawkless.
7-Dec-02 Moved note on the descendants' visit to Eliza's gravesite on 24 November to Eliza's page.
24-Nov-02 Update on the visit of ten descendants to Field of Mars on the 100th anniversary of the death of Eliza Sloane on the Home page.
16-Nov-02 Altered the email address for Norm Stevens on the Contacts Page.
16-Sep-02 Added a separate page for Theresa Pearl Hawkless, daughter of Robert Hawkless and Marian Drummond - on Elizabeth Sloan's line.
10-Oct-02 Added a page of information from government records relating to Ernest A T Hawkless, son of Thomas J Hawkless and Mary Annie Mallitt. Details include service history and circumstances surrounding the award of the Meritorious Service Medal (MSM).
10-Oct-02 Added a page on Woodcock ancestors - John, William and Sarah Woodcock married into the Hawkless family - John to Amy, then after her death, to her sister Maria Matilda. William married Annie Elizabeth Hawkless, the sister of Amy and Maria. Sarah Woodcock married Charles Hawkless, a brother of Amy, Maria and Annie.
10-Oct-02 Added a page with a tree of Drummond ancestors - Marian E Drummond married Robert Hawkless, son of Thomas Hawkless and Elizabeth Sloan.
10-Oct-02 Added numerous hyperlinks to assist in cross-referencing related information and people throughout the website.