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Archibald Hawkless

Archie is the sixth child of Robert Hawkless and Marion Drummond. He was born in 1882 (his birth certificate lists him as John J Hawkless).

Although no photographs of Archie have yet been uncovered, children from his first marriage to Minnie Bowen (they were married in 1910 and divorced in 1929) feature several times in photographs with his sister Violet - photos on this page provided by Dennis Daken, Violet's grandson from New Zealand.

In 1930, Archibald married Jane Jackson and for many years they lived on Dangar Island in the Hawkesbury River, Sydney.

Several of the photos from Dennis' collection are shown below:

Two of Archie and Minnie Bowen's children - daughters Phyllis and Mavis. The third child was Neville Hawkless who died in 2000.
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Mavis Hawkless with her cousin Shirley Hunt.
(Shirley's mother was Flo Bowen, Minnie's sister).
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