Marian (Sis)
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Marian Hawkless (Sis)

Sis remained single and lived most of her life in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. She was born in 1877 and died in 1969. She is buried at Wentworth Falls, NSW.

This photo shows Marian (Sis), Ethel with her two children Fred and Amy, Violet and her daughter Marg
(left to right) Frederick Hewett, Marian (Sis), Ethel, Amy Hewett, Elsie Hewett (Fred's wife), Violet and her daughter Margaret (aka Marj). The little girl is Annette, Fred and Elsie's daughter.
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From left to right, Ethel, Amy (Ethel's daughter) and Marian (Sis) at Leura, Blue Mountains, NSW. The house and gardens were always kept in an immaculate condition.
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A photo of Marian (Sis) with her sister Ethel's grandchildren - Fred and Elsie Hewett's daughters - taken at Wentworth Falls, NSW
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