Violet Isabel
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Violet Isabel Hawkless

Violet was born in 1885 and died 1974. She married Eddie Swan, lived in Fiji and in later years, New Zealand - photos below have been provided by Dennis Daken, Violet's grandson who is a dairy farmer in Wellsford, north of Auckland, New Zealand.

This photo shows Marion (Sis), Ethel with her two children Fred and Amy, Violet and her daughter Marg
(left to right) Frederick Hewett, Ethel, Marion (Cis), Amy Hewett, Elsie Hewett (Fred's wife), Violet and her daughter Margaret (aka Marj). The little girl is Annette, Fred and Elsie's daughter.
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The marriage in 1944 of Arthur Daken and Margaret Swann (Violet's daughter). Their headstone is shown on this page.
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Violet in dark-coloured dress
Unsure as yet of the identity of the child or of the two other ladies in this photograph)
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A neighbour of Violet's took this photograph just a few weeks before her death in 1974
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Headstone from the gravesite of Violet, her daughter Margaret (died in 1970) and son-in-law Arthur Daken (died in 2003).
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Headstone from the gravesite of Violet's husband, Edward Arthur Swann, who died in 1942 in Fiji.
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